I Heart [Fake] Guys

I Heart Spock June 21, 2009

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movie fake : more than the melder of minds
Repressed emotion. Dark eyes. Those pointy ears. Frankly, what about Spock isn’t as hot as a Cardassian sunrise?

He’s calm and collected in a crisis, but with the ever-present danger of an uncontrollable temper that simmers just millimeters below the surface. When that temper flares, everything around him explodes. The best example of that hot-cold dichotomy is during his deliciously combustive brawl with Kirk as he realizes his emotions have been compromised. And don’t even get us started on that elevator liplock with Uhura. Guh.

Let’s not forget that even with that vaguely dangerous emotional current, Spock is above all else a decent guy. Just look how much he loves his human mom.

Nonetheless, the constant struggle to retain all that composure must be exhausting, but we can’t say we wouldn’t make matters worse for him. After all, there’s nothing we want more than to drive him slowly out of his Vulcan mind. And then enjoy the flames that follow.


Heart to Hate: Christopher Hayden June 4, 2009

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TV fake : The Wack-A-Mole Ex

TV fake : The Whack-A-Mole Ex

Gilmore Girls will always hold a special place in my heart. The spiffy dialog…The mother/daughter bonding moments…The impossibly too-expensive-for-that-paycheck wardrobe…And of course it will be the show that gave me Mr. Backwards Baseball Cap, Luke Danes to crush-on well into my college years [heave sigh].

Christopher Hayden was the perfect foil for lovestruck Luke. As Rory’s dad, his foot was permanently wedged in the door of Lorelai’s life. And he always barged in at the worst possible moments – usually when Luke and Lorelai were making any sort of romantic progress. Annoying characteristic, or annoyingly forced plot device…you can debate that one at your leisure. Either way, Christopher was the ex Lorelai couldn’t keep ex’d. He kept popping up in Star Hollow, and every time his character became a little more annoying. Even the ex-fiance, Max Medina, had the decency to slip away into Gilmore-verse obscurity. Chris’ characer arc was was a seven season descent into becoming the ultimate heel.

But still, he loved Lorelai, so at least he had good taste.

I Heart to Hate Christopher Hayden.


I Heart Jim Halpert June 2, 2009

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TV Fake : The Sweetheart of Scranton

TV Fake : The Sweetheart of Scranton

Jim Halpert may be the office everyman (if being an everyman means having a gorgeous head of hair and an irrepressible likableness) but he’s the only man on Thursday nights who sets my heart to fluttering.

Is he charming? Yep. Funny? Uh-huh. Cute? You bet.

But the best of Jim is that this is a guy who is just…sweet. He’s the kind of a guy who remembers the little details that most people [guys] don’t clue into. He uses that knowledge to give the perfect Christmas gift, or pull off a genius prank. He’s the kind of guy who has a kind word for someone when they most need it. Who would spent a day tracking down an elusive bag of chips. He’s the kind of a guy who would propose right next to the gas pump simply because he couldn’t NOT propose any longer. See, underneath that sweetheart exterior, is a confidant, passionate guy. And that’s the guy I tune in every week to see.

Of course there wouldn’t be a Jim Halpert without a Pam Beesley. I do not heart Pam Beesley. It’s not that kind of a blog. But I do heart what Pam makes of Jim. His pivotal play-big-or-go-home moments tend to revolve around Pam. The kiss after casino night, when he knew the odds she’d reciprocate were unlikely. The moment-of-clarity job interview when he realizes he’d rather be stuck in Scranton with Pam than a rising star in New York City alone (sorry Karen, you did know you weren’t ever really in the game, right?) And of course that gas station proposal…leave it to Jim to make petroleum fumes and  neon-lit mini-marts romantic.

Maybe it’s because Pam is Jim’s one-and-only that make him so damn endearing. One-woman-guys are a rarity. Even fake. And she has been his one-and-only long before he was hers. Must be love.

That’s why I heart Jim.


Fake is the new Real

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It started something like this…

“Have you read the Twilight books?”

My best friend – a person I have trusted implicitly for a decade with all recommendations literary and cinematic – urged me to get into the Twilight series.

“Just pretend you’re buying a copy for someone else…” she said. “They’re for teens, but who cares. They’re ADDICTIVE!”

That was when we fell for Edward Cullen. For weeks we gossiped and analyzed and dissected Edward Cullen. We gave him the kind of scrutiny  usually reserved for first-dates and ex-boyfriends. (And if my friend wants to deny it – I’ve got the Gmail archives to prove it). We were two grown women, the kind of women you see at the grocery store with Cheerios and lowfat milk in their carts (trans: pleasant enough, not outwardly harboring lust for fictional vampires) going swoon-eyed for a guy who wasn’t real. A fake guy.

That’s when we knew we had something – because, let’s be honest, Edward Cullen wasn’t our first.

Fake Guys. Oh how we heart those fake guys.