I Heart [Fake] Guys

I Heart Spock June 21, 2009

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movie fake : more than the melder of minds
Repressed emotion. Dark eyes. Those pointy ears. Frankly, what about Spock isn’t as hot as a Cardassian sunrise?

He’s calm and collected in a crisis, but with the ever-present danger of an uncontrollable temper that simmers just millimeters below the surface. When that temper flares, everything around him explodes. The best example of that hot-cold dichotomy is during his deliciously combustive brawl with Kirk as he realizes his emotions have been compromised. And don’t even get us started on that elevator liplock with Uhura. Guh.

Let’s not forget that even with that vaguely dangerous emotional current, Spock is above all else a decent guy. Just look how much he loves his human mom.

Nonetheless, the constant struggle to retain all that composure must be exhausting, but we can’t say we wouldn’t make matters worse for him. After all, there’s nothing we want more than to drive him slowly out of his Vulcan mind. And then enjoy the flames that follow.


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